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2020- so far so good...

Firstly Happy New Year Everyone! I personally am so glad to see the back of 2019.. but new year new beginnings... 2020 here we come!

The start of this year has been exciting for me with local paper running full page article about my photography achievements today :-) #chuffed

It's so nice to be appreciated as Bolton Portrait Photographer by the local paper - many thanks to those who made it happen!

Image of full page article in Bolton Evening News - local paper about top Bolton Portrait Photographer Ania Pankiewicz,  on white wooden floor with a Nikon camera next to it
The Bolton Evening News Spread :-)

As some of you may know for the past couple of years I have been taking part in an international image competition run but the Guild of Photographers... and with much success :-)

I usually enter images of my clients and creative shoots but this year it was an image of my daughter that has been shortlisted for the top award. To be precise it's two images stitched into one...

And if you are thinking of having a new image for the new year get in touch!

To read the full article see the Bolton Evening News

Winning image of Marishia - Bolton Portrait Photographers daughter photographed twice and stitched to look like an image of twins
The double trouble ;-)


Ania Pankiewicz #AniaPank

The Photographer


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