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There's loads I can do for your company in terms of photography and the image your company wants to portrayal.  Be it a start up or a major player in your industry....

The sky is the limit but see below some examples of images I created for businesses I work with.


These can be photographed in a studio or at location of your choice. Either as single bookings or group shoots where additional photographers and other creatives can be arranged for larger projects.

When your image matters

2019-headhost update_3.jpg
2019-headhost update_4.jpg
2019-headhost update_1.jpg
2019-headhost update_2.jpg
2019-headhost update_7.jpg
2019-headhost update_8.jpg
2019-headhost update_13.jpg
2019-headhost update_14.jpg
2019-headhost update_6.jpg
2019-headhost update_5.jpg
2019-headhost update_9.jpg
2019-headhost update_10.jpg

*Cinematic headshots

Ever more popular for their unique style as well as convenience when shooting. The business profile pictures can be photographed at your chosen location using your premises as a background. The technique utilises your company style through it's colours in out of focus backgrounds which will fit in great with your over all branding, trademark and style.

Business cinematic headshots at 1500.jpg

   *Studio photo-shoots

When you need that bit more photographic coverage to show off your company and team spirit. I can capture the essence of your business for your website and other PR materials. 

*Magazine and PR sessions

These type of shoots are ideal for magazine publications and flyers. I can capture you and your employees at work or maybe presenting the products you are producing or selling. Ideal for print materials internally or for press interviews where you'd like to have that more control over your image.

 *Events photography

Is there an event you're organising and would like to promote. Or internal gathering, talk or team building activity. Having a photographer at hand is a great way to commemorate the special occasion

Apart from photography I can also offer you images hosting platform for you to share the pictures with your clients or organise images printing at the site.

* Lets work together!

If you'd like to discuss your photography needs I'd be the most excited to hear about your project!

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