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In spotlight and behind the scenes

As a set and stills photographer I  provide images for PR campaigns for theatre productions, features, films, TV shows and commercials.

I can also help with studio and staged location portraits in addition to the unit coverage in order to create posters, DVD covers and other advertising material.

Whether shooting fast guerrilla style work or on productions requiring a more formal approach working with big names, I can adapt to the unique needs of your production.

* In essence

  • Press Shots  images for posters, web sites and advertising of a  show, play or series.  Photographed during rehearsals or filming.  Separate days can be arranged for dedicated publicity shoot with the key cast of a production.


  • Episodic  coverage to convey an interesting angle on an individual parts or story thread. 


  • Behind the scenes photos are cast and crew at work.  These images can be very useful for alternative publicity angles, like articles on key cast and crew. 

ed to hear about your project!

* How I work

I capture all images with minimal impact on the flow of the production, as well as making cast and crew feel comfortable with my presence - particularly during sensitive scenes or when working with young or demanding cast. I will create photographs that will be striking representation and great fit in with the style of a show, photographing the essence of a scene without giving too much away.

Be it character portraits; behind the scene photos of the key cast and crew for use in industry magazines or archival materials such as detailed images of props, costumes and set builds – basically anything that fans and media outlets might find interesting and want to see alongside articles promoting the production.

I also find being of a small posture an advantage when needing to work in small, intimate spaces without getting in the way of the cast or crew.  Though petite I'm not afraid to muck in and shoot challenging conditions to make the shot!

 Any producer or publicist who’s found themselves without a solid selection of stills from a show – whether a pilot, or already commissioned show – will tell you how much more challenging it is to attract their audience without striking production stills to use.

* Why do you need me

Stills photography is absolutely crucial to any theatre or TV production whether it is factual, drama, light entertainment or observational documentary. 


Look around when you are out and about: you’re continuously being exposed to publicity shots for all forms of entertainment, whether it be films, television or even stage shows.


These images are often the first impressions that audiences will get of the upcoming shows. They act as a constant reminder, telling you where you need to be and what channel you need to be tuned to, or what you should next schedule to watch on your TV on demand service.

* Lets shoot


If you'd like to discuss your production needs I'd be the most excited to hear about your project!

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