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Dave Jordan - Actors Headshots photography Manchester

As a professional portrait photographer specialising in actors’ headshots, I realise the importance of good images for professional actors and performers.

In this competitive industry, actors’ headshots need to have the impact that will make them stand out from others to a potential viewer, whilst at the same time actually looking like the actor being photographed ... they need to be striking but also an honest likeness. After all what is the point of being called for a casting based on your most flattering image if it looks nothing like you, or like

you - but 10 years ago... you won’t get that role in the end anyway!

An actor’s headshot is often the first thing that a potential agent, or even more importantly a casting professional, will see when deciding on meeting, or not meeting a performer. They are like a business card for any respected actor ... and outdated or amateur headshots say ... well, I guess you can work out for yourself what they say?

David came to see me for his acting headshots to be photographed in my Bolton studio in Great Manchester area as he needed to refresh his portfolio.

Although his current shots were taken by professional photographer, and a pretty good one, they did fail to capture Dave's character... Taken a little more than four years ago being little out of date they also lacked the variety... being all too similar to each other and not showing Dave's versatility as a performer.

The actor represented by the Cartwright Higgins management booked the studio based basic headshots package with me, but in the end decided to get additional takes. I think we managed well to cover his full casing range.

What I always aim to achieve is the variety of looks. As actors photographer it's my aim to capture all potential characters that an actor is capable of portraying. This is the best way to increase actors potential chances for varied roles that may be advertised and gives an agent more of an option as to what image is best to be sent for any given role.

Note to actors: When send for a casting by your agent do ask which image has been forwarded for the role you are applying for. And then when going for the casting make sure you look just like you did on the picture that has been send through.

As a professional actors headshots photographer I find it the most important to increase your chances of getting noticed and what follows cast in that next big role that you are going for.

If you have any comments please feel free to get in touch with me.

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