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Genevieve Galliani - Extended Actors Headshots photo-session, Bolton, Manchester

Although only fifteen Genevieve is no stranger to the limelight having been involved in performing arts for several years now.

The young Actress chose to book the Extended Actors Headshots package to be photographed at my Bolton town centre studio in the North West - Great Manchester area.

Excellent choice for those wanting more time in front of the camera the Extended Actors Headshots package gives the performer an opportunity to capture their full casting range with enough time to create a big bank of portrait photographs choose from as their final retouched images.

With this package apart from the Actors Headshots we can also shoot selection of wider portraits, character shots and full length images adding more versatility to the performers portfolio, be it for their Spotlight account, other casting portals, their agent or their own website, social media accounts or other promotional materials such as flyers, business cards and production programmes.

This type of session usually starts at the studio where we cover a variety of looks. I always photograph my clients in a selection of outfits using different lighting techniques for variety of moods and feels to each image. We utilise backgrounds, set ups and poses capturing multitude of photographs after which we venture outside with more takes using the most flattering natural light.

A Make Up Artist can also be arranged for this type of shoot adding a little glamour and variety of looks to the Actors or Models portfolio. Although I usually advise Actors to go for the more natural looks the Extended package gives us the scope to jazz things up and maybe try something more extravagant.

As expected Genevieve has been a natural in front of the camera, having been involved in productions such as the "Lady MacBeth" on boards of the Royal Exchange Manchester, the "Beauty and the Beast" and "Les Miserable" among many others.

But for those needing more instructions as to how to get the most from their photo-session I'm always happy to give direction and make sure we capture your unique character bearing in mind what type of casting you are aiming for.

To book this type of session with me follow this link: Extended Actors Headshots or get in touch for your consultation with me.


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