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Jack Kearsley Actors Headshots - The Ultimate Performers Portraits

Jack is a young northern Actor represented by the Cartwright Higgins Management in Chorley.

We set to photograph a small portfolio of Actors Headhosts to show off Jacks full casting range and capture his new hairstyle.

Jack is a sporty young gentleman highly skilled at Canoeing also enjoying Skateboarding, Cycling, Football, Free Running/Parkour and Swimming.

As the Professional Actors Headshots Photographer I had the pleasure of working with this young talent before and we won a silver medal for the Classical Portrait category with image of Jack at the Photographers Guild prestigious IOM competition couple of years ago.

It was great to see how this young performer has changed and developed both in his craft as in his looks - now sporting amazing mane of long thick hair.

As before it was a pleasure to me as a Professional Photographer work together again to create various looks for this young talented performer.

Actors Headshot, intense and moody close up of a young Actor with strong facial features, thick short brown hair and blue eyes on dark background.
The award winning image

Best of luck in your future endeavours Jack!


Ania Pankiewicz #AniaPank

The Photographer


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