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"Allo allo" avec moi

A bit different post from me today, as I decided to flip things a little...

Since I work a lot with actors, theatres and on TV production I try my best to see what challenges my clients, mainly actors and performers, face.

And although I can take occasional selfie or even a high class headshot of myself I worked out that there's no better and more fun way to jump in my clients shoes then to try become one of them... well for a moment... I am not hanging up my camera just yet!

But yes, I took the plunge and decided to try my luck on theatre boards. And if you think that you might enjoy to laugh at me, or with me, I am cast in the next play at the Iconic Bolton Little Theatre.

For one week only I am to be Yvette Carte-Blanch in glorious, cheeky, laugh out loud adaptation of "Allo 'Allo" by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft <<< LINK TO TICKETS!!! <<<

For now I give you a little taste of behind the scenes action below :-) and encourage you to book yourself a ticket as some days are nearly sold out already and it's only 3 weeks before we are on!

Yours truly




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